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IACCAC Code of Ethics:

The Indiana Association of Community Corrections Act Counties puts forth the following Code of Ethics for community-based corrections personnel. This code encourages public trust and confidence in the operation of community-based sanctions, and serves as a guide for public expectations. IACCAC believes that our profession should commit to these minimum standards and practices for the enhancement of community-based corrections.

Community Corrections Personnel Shall Endeavor To: 

•Respect the importance of all elements of the criminal justice system and cultivate a professional cooperation with each segment. Respect and protect the right of the public to be safeguarded from criminal/delinquent activity.

•Respect the authority and follow the directives of the Court.

•Encourage relationships with colleagues of such character as to promote mutual respect within the profession and improvement of its quality of service.

•Respect the civil and legal rights of all program participants.

•Be accountable to the general public.

•Serve each case with appropriate concern for the participant's welfare and with no purpose of personal gain.

•Subject to the participant's right of privacy, respect the public's right to know.

•Willingly share information with the public with openness and candor.

•Conduct one's self with dignity and fairness. Maintain the integrity of private information; community corrections personnel will neither seek personal data beyond that needed to perform his/her responsibilities, nor reveal case information to anyone not having proper professional use for such.

•Report without reservation any corrupt or unethical behavior which could affect either a participant or the integrity of the department.

•Not discriminate against any employee, prospective employee, or program participants on the basis of race, sex, creed, or national origin.

•Clearly distinguish between those public statements that are personal views and those that are statements and positions on behalf of a department.

Community Corrections Personnel Shall Endeavor Not To:

•Use official position to secure privileges or advantages.

•Operate or act in any manner that is contrary to the best interest of the program or community.

•Permit personal interest to impair, in the least degree, the objectivity which is to be maintained in their official capacity.

•Accept any gift or favor of a nature which implies an obligation that is inconsistent with the free and objective excercise of professional responsibilities.

•Make statements critical of colleagues or their departments unless these are constructive in purpose.

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