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 IACCAC 2017-2018 Strategic Plan

IACCAC 2017-2018 Strategic Plan

(Effective Date:  May 05, 2017)


IACCAC will be a universally recognized leader in the support and implementation of evidence based practices.


To promote and facilitate the professional identity, development and enhancement of community supervision using the principles of effective interventions. 

IACCAC provides a collaborative voice for community supervision.

1. The IACCAC executive board will meet with the Indiana Department of Correction at least annually to foster and maintain a professional relationship.

2. IACCAC will have designated representation on the following:

  1. Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council (I.C. 33-38-9.5);
  2. Corrections and Criminal Code Study Committee;
  3. Legislative Committees as warranted.

3. Designated representatives will report to the Association at scheduled meetings through 2019.

4. The IACCAC Executive Board will research the feasibility/benefits of becoming a vendor at other professional events. 

IACCAC will orchestrate collaborative efforts among members and stakeholders that foster professional relationships and mutual trust.

1. IACCAC will provide annual training regarding the collaboration plan pursuant to I.C. 11-12-2-4 and

I.C. 11-13-1-9.

2. IACCAC will expand membership recruitment to include all HB1006 funded entities via email by October 01, 2017.

3. IACCAC will send fall conference invitations to all HB1006 funded entities beginning fall 2017.

IACCAC will promote professional development through effective training and mentoring programs for continuous improvement.

1. IACCAC will foster standard Evidence Based Practices training regarding community supervision.

2. IACCAC will provide annually at least one training based on the immediate needs of members as identified through the training committee.

IACCAC will continue pursuit of evidence based practices through data and research.

1. IACCAC will collaborate with the Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council, Indiana Department of Correction other partners to define recidivism through 2019.

2. The IACCAC public relations chair will send a monthly email reminder to visit the IACCAC website.

3. IACCAC will host an annual conference providing the education regarding current Evidence Based Practices topics. 

IACCAC will assure plan compliance through quality assurance.

1. IACCAC will review and revise the strategic plan every two years to be approved at the annual Spring Conference.

2. The IACCAC Executive Board will assign plan goal/objectives to a committee who will report progress back to the IACCAC Board of Director’s quarterly. 

3. The IACCAC Executive Board will maintain a list of assigned committee members and monitor compliance through 2019.

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